Image Engineering GmbH

Image Engineering is making available two spectral data sets to CIC attendees.
The first is a set of measured spectral responses from more than 40 cameras, including mobile and DSLRs.
The second is a set of in-situ spectral radiance measurements of natural objects.
Image Engineering hopes that by releasing these datasets to the CIC community that it will help with future research efforts in these areas. You will be able to access this data via their company website.
More information is also found in a video within the library below.

For more than 25 years, Image Engineering has been testing the quality and performance of digital cameras.

They provide the necessary test equipment and also offer camera tests as a service. The standard test chart-based color reproduction tests are available throughout their portfolio from charts to evaluation software.

Since the late 90s, the company has also been providing more advanced approaches for camera color characterization. The development of devices such as camSPECS has made the measurement of the spectral response extremely simple and fast. In combination with an in-situ measured spectral database of natural objects and the utilization of CIECAM 16, an extremely high-quality level for color correction can be achieved and is supported by the software. This color correction can be performed in a test lab as well as on the production line for every single camera.

Last but not least, a lot of Image Engineering products have a built-in spectrally tunable light source that not only permits you to determine the spectral response of a camera but also allows illumination of objects with a selectable spectral distribution. Never before has the simulation of a standard light source such as A or D50 been more accurate and simple.

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