Gray Sky Imaging is a new venture founded to address the critical need for accurate color capture and reproduction in the fields of archiving, museum and gallery imaging, quality control, fashion, and more. We have a talented and agile staff that can quickly address the technology issues faced by the private and public sectors. We bring decades of experience in the color science and color imaging fields, and are ready to apply this background to your challenges.

Please peruse our web page for a better idea of who we are, and how we can help improve your digitization processes. Videos below show Dave Wyble introducing the company, and Roy Berns describing our lighting technology.


The Gray Sky Imaging team is presenting two papers in the Wednesday Imaging/Technical I session.
In the break preceding that session, we would like to invite you to a:
Zoom Meet & Greet
Time: Jun 22, 2021 12:30 (NY) / 18:30 (Paris)
Join Gray Sky Imaging Meet & Greet
Meeting ID: 831 1578 7387
Passcode: GSI

Following the Meet & Greet, listen to our paper presentations in the 13:00-14:30 session:
Dave Wyble: Spectral Imaging Method for Transmissive Media
Roy Berns: Predicting Camera Color Quality

After the talks we will join you in the Archiving2021 Gather at our exhibition table.

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